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UCISA CISG Conference November 2011. 

A number of points of interest in relation to Research Outputs:

1) Customer Relationship Management Systems.

There seemed to be limited success in using CRM for research and knowledge exchange requirements and limited work done on integrating business contact information within formal ‘CRM’s’  with grant, contract, and agreement details in other core systems.

I am still pondering the question of how the information that is recorded on CRM systems fits with RCUK outcomes and how best to re-use the information e.g. should we use it direct from the CRM and combine with other sources such as repositories and research systems, or perhaps export relevant data to repositories.

2) Research Information Management

We had a lively discussion about how systems and analysis of the data within them might drive research excellence.  The concensus seemed to be that if done well they can help free up academic time to focus on research and help identify potential collaboration opportunies for further funding.

This is where IRIOS 2 might come in – assisting with cross Research Organisation collaboration.

3) David Sweeney gave an interesting talk on Current Issues in Research, Management and Support.  He noted the importance of over reliance on league tables and metrics and advocated focussing on what the data really illustrates.

4) Rachel Curwen from the University of York gave a clear and honest overview of their journey to implementing a system for capturing and managing research outputs.

Previously York had used an Access database for the 2008 RAE.  They found having the data assembled in one collection useful and wanted to do this more formally than specifically for the purpose of RAE/REF.

Rachel showed some nice diagrams of thier vision, and mainifestations of data in thier new research information system.

Lots of the information about thier system and processes is available publicly at http://www.york.ac.uk/staff/research/pure/

They are still working on some reporting but are confident they will be able to re-use the research outputs to satisfy a range of requirements.

Event page from where I assume presentations will be available soon:



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