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Non-Publication Output Types

We have been considering which of the output types not often traditionally stored in Research Organisation core systems might be priorities for ‘CERIF’ying’

Based on the RCUK Research Outcomes list my initial suggestions to add to books, journals and publications are below. 

Note these are just my initial thoughts and the team may decided on different priorities.

Impact –  Research Organisations will need to work out internally how to deal with impact info for both REF and RCUK without giving out confidential info inappropriately and ensuring staff know data will be re-used (if we do plan to re-use info generically)

Key findings  





Dataset – this is being worked on by our sister project CERIF for Datasets http://cerif4datasets.wordpress.com/


Logic – All except artwork and artefact (which could be de-prioritised) needed for reporting to REF/HEBCIS or other statutory returns as well as RCUK outcomes reporting.   

Audio Recording 


Creative – other




Lecture – also required for HEBCIS

All of the following are Esteem which is also required for REF:

Appointment to Editorial Board

Membership of Panel/Group

Other Award/Appointment

Degree/Other Honour

Research Prize


Honorary Degree

Fellowship of Learned Society

In all of this Research Organisations’s need internally to plan how to deal with various issues e.g. confidentiality but we can take that aside and we can discuss the internal communications ourselves.

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