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June 28, 2012 Leave a comment

IRIOS-2 was represented at the CRIS 2012 conference in Prague.

A poster was accepted and presented at the conference with various team members attending and actively promoting the work being done in the project.


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Association of Research Managers and Administrators Conference

June 14, 2012 Leave a comment

I attended the ARMA conference this week.

I gave out a number of handouts on the IRIOS project, chatted to a number of people, and had some handouts available on one of the stalls.

I attended an interesting session by representatives of Thomson Reuters where there weasw discussion about what content, other than traditional publication types, may be useful to HEI’s.

One of the speakers thought that staff information such as next destination, qualifications obtained whilst on projects was one of the key outputs.  At Glasgow we are liasing from our HR System team for test data to supply to the RCUK ROS system.  There are some concerns about confidentiality of data particularly where free text narrative fields exist.  Some monitoring may be required. 

They spoke about looking across projects at what makes for a successful project as well as looking at outputs of each project.

I wondered if Thomson Reuters were in discussion with the teams who run the outputs systems (ROS and e-VAL).

One of the attendees I spoke to was interested in definitions for metadata for performances and I will follow this up particularly if we decide to explore this type of activity further during the IRIOS2 project.

Dale Heenan presented well giving an update on RCUK ROS and related initiatives.  This included some benefits of the ROS system.  For example for the first time RC’S can see outcomes of as yet unfinished awards before they are completed. 

I was very interested in considering in the initial considerations of harvesting from repositories – data potentially being pulled from repositories by ROS rather than us having to provide it.

Research Information Management – Sharing Ideas

June 8, 2012 Leave a comment

Yesterday William Nixon gave an over view of research information management at the University of Glasgow to the Digital Curation Centre roadshow in Belfast. This included an overview of IRIOS2 as well as other projects. The slides can be seen at:


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