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D4.1 Use Cases and Testing Plan

July 31, 2012 Leave a comment

The IRIOS 2 test schedule will be an evolving document that may change in relation to the development of the service.

This test schedule has been configured to match the functional specification produced earlier in the project with additional tests added to match some slight changes to functionality during development.

A column is included that references use cases in the functional specification.


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Open Repositories Conference – Points of Interest to IRIOS2 Project

July 17, 2012 Leave a comment

Here are some interesting observations on research output management made whilst at OR2012:

  • We should consider the findings of the RIO Extension project when collating our final report
  • The Software Sustainablity Institute had some interesting suggestions about possible metadata fields for software some of which are generic to other output types
  • Discussed the unique properties of software storage such as it could be a snapshot and may be constantly evolving, the purpose of storing could vary for example for reproducibility rather than re-playability
  • Some useful xml schemas were noted by one of the breakout groups (awaiting link to be circulated)
  • Columbia University Repository have a video service -they make the video then naturally ensure appropriate storage and linkage
  • Hull have a link from Sharepoint to their repository.  They store events, lectures and some other entities that may be synergistic with IRIOS2 goals.
  • The University of Porto have photos, data, press clippings and a variety of other outputs in thier repository
  • York have an event ontology.  The speaker noted that Linked data may be a leap of faith – need a critical mass before it can be exploited by the consumer.
  • Southampton have a nice digital media repository

Open Repositories Conference 2012

July 13, 2012 Leave a comment

We ‘re-used’ our ‘Engage’ poster from the ARMA conference duly updated with additional information for the audience at OR2012.

We got to do a short sales pitch on our poster and I tweeted the link to our blog with the conference hash tag #OR2012 for those interested who could not make the poster reception.

After the two hour poster reception the posters were on display throughout the conference. We provided handouts and information on all of our current JISC projects Cerif for Datasets, Cerif in Action, IRIOS2 and Encapsulate. We ran out of some of them.

I spoke to some – but not all of the 460 or so delegates as well as noting contact details and exchanging information of relevance with other authors of over 60 poster.

There are some very interesting links to all of our projects (see my forthcoming blog entry on C4D, Engage and CiA projects for relevant comments).