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Open Repositories Conference – Points of Interest to IRIOS2 Project

Here are some interesting observations on research output management made whilst at OR2012:

  • We should consider the findings of the RIO Extension project when collating our final report http://www.jisc.ac.uk/whatwedo/programmes/di_researchmanagement/repositories/rioextension.aspx
  • The Software Sustainablity Institute had some interesting suggestions about possible metadata fields for software some of which are generic to other output types
  • Discussed the unique properties of software storage such as it could be a snapshot and may be constantly evolving, the purpose of storing could vary for example for reproducibility rather than re-playability
  • Some useful xml schemas were noted by one of the breakout groups (awaiting link to be circulated)
  • Columbia University Repository have a video service -they make the video then naturally ensure appropriate storage and linkage
  • Hull have a link from Sharepoint to their repository.  They store events, lectures and some other entities that may be synergistic with IRIOS2 goals.
  • The University of Porto have photos, data, press clippings and a variety of other outputs in thier repository
  • York have an event ontology.  The speaker noted that Linked data may be a leap of faith – need a critical mass before it can be exploited by the consumer.
  • Southampton have a nice digital media repository
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