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Research Classification

August 21, 2012 1 comment

As part of our ‘Engage’ project here at the University of Glasgow we have been looking at using research themes to facilitate discovery of information about research projects and thier outputs.

For the ‘Engage’ project we imported the list of RCUK research classifications to our demonstrator.

The IRIOS2 demonstrator illustrates we can obtain the Research Council classification and award data as an export from the Research Council systems and potentially use them as a basis for our ‘theme’ classification albeit we ‘only’ get classfications for some Research Council’s at present and not all RC’s or all funders.  This is a good potential base that could remove a portion of the data entry and be developed to facilitate assignation of standard research themes to all of our projects (and their outputs).

For this to work I think we’d need a robust central reference point of the Research Council themes (or  a standard UK/wider community set of themes).  The current IRIOS2 demonstrator include a number of other classifications which might be of use – e.g. FRASCATI, Eurostat 2007 NABS.

example of grant data in IRIOS2 demonstrator

example of grant data in IRIOS2 demonstrator

In addition IRIOS2 provides some good potential for cross-institutional collaboration ideas – simply using the Research Council themes – or potentially applying fuzzy logic and other ideas such as those we have developed in our Engage project for ‘internal’ and ‘external’ use.

Potentially in future we could get an electronic update of new awards with relevant info that we export into our systems (complete with Research Council classification where available).  This would cut out manual keying from award letters/emails, speed up process, improve synchronisation, and facilitates use of research themes for discovery of the activities and outputs.

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Non Publication Outputs

August 8, 2012 Leave a comment

The IRIOS-2 service will extend upon functionality provided in IRIOS such that the scope of the platform encompasses non-text based output types.

Over numerous weeks the project teams at each of the 3 partner institutions have worked to decide on 6 non text based outputs to be included in the IRIOS2 service, while this was initially closer to 20 it was deemed  unrealistic due to time constraints. From this we were able to produce specifications and eventually a CERIF mapping.

The documents included in this post should be considered the final versions that will be used in the development of the IRIOS-2 service. Alot of hard work was put in by all 3 teams to produce these documents.

Comments welcome.


CERIF Mapping – Non-publication outputs v2

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