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Defiant Objects

September 27, 2012 1 comment

We had a very useful meeting with Tahani Nadim from Goldsmiths University of London today.

Tahani is involved in the defiant objects project which has a lot of synergy with IRIOS2, and in the Kaptur project which has synergy with our CERIF for Datasets project

The defiant objects project is looking at non-publication research outputs and how to store and retrieve them.  It is primarily focussed on the arts.  I was very interested in comparing the entities within the scope of the defiant objects project with the RCUK Research Outcomes requirements and we agreed to discuss this further.  I have sent Tahani some mappings and specifications and look forward to further sharing of ideas.

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IRIOS-2 – Final Workshop

September 21, 2012 1 comment

IRIOS-2 – Final Workshop

Register your interest now for the opportunity to attend this FREE workshop on 18th October.

The workshop will introduce our project and display the system in action, as well as featuring a presentation from our RIM3 partner project CIA.

We hope the attendees will find this workshop interesting and consider the implications of implementing this system in the future.


IRIOS-2 – Final Workshop – Millfield House, Jesmond Dene, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE7 7BQ

11.00 am Registration
11.30 am Welcome and Introduction
11.45 am IRIOS-2 Project Overview
12.15 pm CIA Project Overview
12.45 pm IRIOS-2 Demonstration
1.15 pm Lunch
2.15 pm Group Discussion

To request a place please email

Outputs from this workshop will be posted onto the IRIOS-2 blog pages. If you are unable to attend the workshop but would like to be receive a copy of the report, please contact


Taxi from Newcastle Central Station recommended. The venue is probably best known as ‘Pet’s Corner’ within Jesmond Dene to local taxi drivers . Full contact details for the venue can be found here-

Alternatively, the venue is a 10-15 minute walk from West Jesmond Metro Station- Take an ‘Airport’ bound train from Central Station Metro and the 4th stop is West Jesmond (8 minutes approx). 


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IRIOS-2 Workshop

September 17, 2012 Leave a comment

The end of the IRIOS-2 project is quickly approaching and while demos have been conducted for the core project partners, the wider community has yet to see the results of what has been a tremendous development effort.

The IRIOS-2 project will be holding a workshop in October, this is currently shceduled to take place on 18th October as an all day event at “Pets Corner” in Newcastle, some people may remember this as the location of the 2011 ARMA event.

We would be very keen to see not only the IRIOS project partners but also an extended list of attendees at this event with invites being circulated very soon.

Finally, if the IRIOS-2 project isnt incentive enough to attend……

Come to see the new born Alpaca at the Pets Corner petting zoo!

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